Take a look around your transportation docks. Do you see your company's trucks sitting not being used on a regular basis, or is your fleet starting to age. Your trucks represent corporate funds that could add valuable dollars to your company's bottom line. Remarketing those vehicles yourself can be time consuming and very expensive. Not to mention the liability that you take selling it yourself. Everyday you wait preparing the vehicle for sale could reduce the value of your assets.

Monarch understands you are not in the truck business, and in today's work environment it takes a lot of energy to stay focused on your business. At Monarch we work hard to take that headache away for you. Our contacts and over years of experience can help you get the highest return for your vehicles. Monarch has designed a program that offers a quick, and headache free alternative. We come to your site, do an evaluation on your fleet and on an average in 48 hours Monarch can turn your unused fleet into cash. 


1. Monarch will come to your site. Perform an evaluation on each individual vehicle.
2. Monarch will present to you a report on each vehicle value.
3. Monarch will pay you in full a cashiers check for your assets.
4. Monarch will remove all purchased vehicles off your site with 48 hours.
5. Monarch will remove all corporate identity decals, and logos off the fleet we purchase from you.


Please tell us about your fleet. Here is a list of specifications we need to help evaluate your vehicles. Call 408-275-0500.

-Body Type
-Body Size
-Number of Units